The Magnetic Technologies Company is creating a new revolutionary category of practical applications of magnetic fields aka Magnitology, that affects every area of human activity and is doing so with phenomenal growth and potential, whilst solving issues of global importance. The roots of the company lie from the 1970s when Prof. Tkachenko and other leading scientists in the field began conducting research on practical applications of magnetic fields. Since 1987 actual products where offered to the marketplace and a commercial entity was setup for the purpose of introducing to the world and commercialising the achievements and progress of the field. Following research conducted over nearly half a century, the company is the owner of the world’s largest data store and intellectual property holder in the field of practical applications of magnetic fields, which includes over 500 research topics/projects conducted by leading research institutes all over the globe. Today the company is the de-facto global leader in the field with a global company footprint in over 50 countries.