Our mission

…is core to everything we do. We help make the world a cleaner, better and healthier place to live while protecting the environment and promoting innovation and profitability for business.

The company was established with the aim of introducing to the world Magnitologytm, which has applications in many areas of life, across the entire spectrum of human existence, from agriculture to businesses and healthcare, as also our homes, and the company has been supplying those across the world to consumers, companies and governments since 1987.

Our values

…underpin everything we do. We believe behaving responsibly is core to our ability to deliver long term value to our customers.

Market Acumen
We take the lead in our field
  Growth Driven, Globally Oriented   Excellence
We are the best we can be and have a growth mindset
We do what is right, not what is easy

We innovate every day
  Every Person, Every Idea Counts   Health
We want to make everyone healthy
We care for the environment