The roots of human awareness to the importance of magnetic water, in our daily lives and of the planet itself, goes deep back into ancient times.

In BC IV, Hermes, one of the supreme priests and Ruler of Egypt stated that magnetic and light energies were the basis of physical nature of humans. Thus, if a human being could have learnt and understood the nature of magnetism (Life) and wave (Light) he would have entered eternity. Armed with the knowledge based on researching the magnetism of Earth and of the Universe, Hermes extended the calendar year from 360 up to 365 days.

Prominent ancient thinker Pythagoras (599 BC) averred that all thoughts, words, emotions and deeds of man were reflected in the world magnetic lake-mirror and imprinted there forever. Pythagoras referred to this fact as scientific. Pythagoras assumed that a human being could read such information, i.e. look into the past, present and future by using special techniques to develop spiritual vision.

Ancient doctors of China and India paid great attention to magnets and magnetism. They called magnets the “Sympathetic Stone”. Regrettably, many of old Chinese and Indian methods of treatment by magnets, were lost and never reached our days.

In the Middle Ages, the interest to magnets and magnetism blazed up to a new level. Philip Avrelium Bombast von Gogengeim (Paracels), a renowned doctor, carried on research in this domain. Paracels was acknowledged as the most outstanding doctor of his time. Many royal families considered it an honour to seek medical advice from him and witness healing miracles that he demonstrated by way of various magnetic devices.

Paracels actively used magnetic water and magnetic powder in pills. He believed that magnetic energy was the foundation of human energetic power. In his opinion magnetic energy was the major factor that determined a human health condition. Paracels also asserted that bio-gravitational energy was the main constituent of the live matter including plants, animals and people. This information and magnetic form of matter existence defined what we call “life” in the living.

Mesmer was another famous and popular doctor of the XVIII-XIXth centuries. Mesmer followed in Paracels' footsteps but unlike his predecessor he discerned two constituents in the world’s magnetic ocean: space (inanimate) magnetic energy and animate magnetic energy emitted only by live organisms, and especially, people.