In the late 20th century, since the 1970s, under the leadership of Prof. Yury Tkachenko, a group of scientists in the Soviet Union, started methodically researching and advancing the field of Magnitologytm, and in 1987 Prof. Tkachenko formed the institution that leaded the program of research in the USSR and thereafter Russia, with summary research subject “uses of magnetic fields in industry, agriculture, improving manufacturing process' and energy saving”.

On the basis of this research, the government of Russia by way of enactment 1058/1993, declared Magnitologytm a field of importance, and started a government program to further develop and research the field, that lasted half a decade and included the top 52 research institutes of the past USSR block. In summary, over 300 topics were researched in spheres of economy like extraction, transportation sector, processing and use of oil and oil products, agriculture, food biotechnology, medicine, ecology and chemical, power and construction industries.

After 20 years, the company Russian Crown, led by Prof. Tkachenko, was the owner of the world’s largest data store and intellectual property holder in the field of practical applications of Magnitology. In 1995, Prof. Tkachenko, at that point a recognized global authority and leading scientist in the field, together with other leading scientists in the field like A.G. Kosnevich, formed the Dubai branch for the purpose of introducing to the world and commercialising the achievements and progress of Magnitology. The company acquired all the intellectual property of Russian Crown and got exclusive rights to all the research of the above-mentioned government program.

Since 1995, research on the field has continued, but in leading research institutes across the world and by 2010, the company has published research works/papers in over 500 topics and sells products in over 20 countries, having a presence in most countries of the Middle East and countries of Southeast Asia and Africa.

Two years later, the company started exploring the EU marketplace, and in 2014 a European presence was established by the formation of a joint venture with the established partner Sunlight Group. The company created the brand “Magnetic Technologies Company” in 2015 and today the company is active in over 50 countries, having a presence in over 25 of them.